Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Collector's Gift

 “The Collector’s Gift” will be my Thesis film to be completed in the coming year. I have applied for a grant called the Sloan Grant. It involves bringing the sciences into the arts in a fun way they are involved all over the country academically and professionally in many forms such as theater and film. After hearing a spot on the NPR show Radio lab I had an Idea that I wanted to explore for my thesis as well as felt would be great for the Sloan. It was a story about a collector who gathers all of the elements from the periodic table into a trunk and after reading this quote I found a story I wanted to tell and felt it worked perfectly for the grant.

“The periodic table is, finally, an anthropological marvel, a human artifact that
reflects all the wonderful and artful and ugly aspects of human beings and
how we interact with the physical world- the history of our species
written in a compact and elegant script.”
                                                      -Sam Kean-     

I have not yet heard back if I have received the grant so I have continued forward in development.