Thursday, July 28, 2011

Production Design

Ive been going around and around with the design of the film as I have been developing the story. After a few hold backs I have had some jumps forward with developing some ideas for the inside of the mans house where he was hard at work planing his journey and gathering the elements of our world. Here are a few designs of where it is heading. stay tuned for more development of the world  outside !

The Girls Progress, its all in the face!

Another great play-blast from Christine Li on the modeling progress of the girl.

Griffith Observatory

Took a trip to the Griffith observatory and saw a great display on the elements and the formation of our world. They have a great interactive display showing what elements form ed at what point to create our world from the big bang and super nova to what elements can be found in the human body. Here are a few  random pictures.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Old Man occlusion Test Renders

The Old Man is coming along very nicely he will be handed over for rigging in the next few days and on to making the girl look just as good. I continue to be impressed by my modeler Christine Li and her hard work.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Progress, Character, and Story

I have met with several friends and writers going over the story of The Collector's Gift in the past week.  I am working on sharpening the plot points, the characters physical and emotional journeys and overall story focus. I am working on the action driving the characters and story forward in a fun way that gives a sense of the overall world and where they fit into it.

These are a few pages from some notes on development of the girl. The old man is close to being done, as far as modeling, I will update where he is at soon. The Girl will fallow soon with more progress.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Progress on the old man modeling

I have had the privilege to bring on 2 people to work on my characters Christine Li, who has been hard at work modeling and Megan Gritzfeld, who is rigging my characters. Together they have been brainstorming and working together to bring my 2 characters to life. To catch up on the past few months, here are a few passes and notes that Christine and I have been exchanging.

Trip to the lab

I have been lucky to have Gene Bickers, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs, and Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, as my science adviser threw this process. Last week he introduced me to Dr. Michael Quinlan the  Director of the General Chemistry labs at USC, who showed me around the labs to take some pictures and answer some questions here are some pictures of the labs. The labs at USC are under renovation rite now so that is why they look as they do, which made for good pictures.